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Cooling Clock Fan

Cooling Clock Fan

Cooling Clock Fan

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Our Cooling Clockdisplays the time as it spins. Plug it into any USB power source and watch it display the real, exact time as it spins and cools you off! It's perfect for the office, home, or school.

  • Clock displays real time when plugged in
  • Flexible stem can be bent and adjusted
  • Time display is easily adjustable
  • Plugs into any USB power source
  • Easy ON / OFF button
  • Stem length: 41.5cm
  • Fan diameter: 8.9cm
  • Insert fan into USB port
  • Turn on
  • Long press the ON button until time is flashing
  • Long press again to quickly change time
  • Quickly press the ON button multiple times to fine-tune the time
  • Time will be set after left still for 6 seconds

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