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Instant Translator

Instant Translator

Instant Translator

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Save yourself from spending hundreds of dollars for translation services using our Instant Translator! It's a portable device that instantly and accurately translates spoken words in over 40 languages! You can also use this tool to improve in your foreign language training.

  • Innovative and modern technology.
  • Multiple Languages Translation: Support up to 40 languages translation, each language can be translated to each other.
  • Photographing Translation: Choose the language you want to translate, and take a photo of the original language text by your mobile phone, it can translate in high precision.
  • Voice Translation: Intelligent voice recognition technology to make cross-language communication easier. Translate your speech into high-quality foreign language text and transmit into voice output.
  • Two-Way Real Time Intercom: It can be used to communicate face to face, and solve communication obstacles. Giving you the most suitable translation results in a real-time, fast response in seconds.
    2.4G wireless connection: Easy to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth in seconds, making the translation more convenient and accurate.
  • Long battery life: (Built-in 3.7V 750m) A rechargeable battery, low power consumption, plug and easily charge.
    Small and exquisite: pocket size, small and portable, so convenient to carry with wherever you go.

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